Loop Statements in Python

While Loops

while expression:
→Body of while

How a While Loop works :

  1. The expression is the first thing that is checked
  2. The body of the loop is executed only if the expression evaluates to True
  3. After one iteration, the expression is checked again
  4. This process continues until the expression evaluates to False

Example of code :

start=1while (start<=1000):
→ print(start)
→ start=start+1
print(“While Loop Finished”)
start=1while (start<=1000):
print(“While Loop Finished”)

Making shapes using a While Loop :

import turtlemy_turtle=turtle.Turtle()my_turtle.speed(1)a=1while a<=4:→my_turtle.forward(100)→my_turtle.right(90)a=a+1
import turtleangle=91a=0turtle.speed(15)while a<100:→turtle.circle(a)→turtle.left(angle)a=a+1

For Loops

for var in sequence:
→Body of for
num = [ 5, 6, 3, 4, 8, 4, 11, 2, 5]
sum = 0
for value in num:
→sum = sum+value
print(“The sum is”, sum)

Range Function :

Syntax of Range :


Example of Code using Range :

for x in range(10):→print(“The Number is”,x)print(“For Loop Ended”)




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